A little bit about me

Adventurous Couch Potato

Hey, I’m Morgan. This is me and my husband Shannon on a “vancation” in Yosemite. We currently live in Sulphur, Louisiana but love frequently traveling elsewhere. When we’re not traveling, we like to watch The Office, any Marvel TV show, Game of Thrones, MasterChef, or basically any show ever. Our love of Jesus and video games brought us together, and we’ve only gotten nerdier since.


Photographer Extraordinaire | Sour Candy Connoisseur

I’m a Louisiana photographer that’s passionate about documenting love no matter what you look like, where you’re getting married, what you believe, or who you are (unless you’re a Nazi. Don’t be a Nazi). Real beauty is in the imperfection, the raw, and the messy. Whether you’re getting married on a mountaintop or your parents’ backyard, I want to be there to document it. My goal is to be more than a third wheel and button pusher during this time in your lives. I want to photograph you two in a way that shows off how weird, awkward, loving, hilarious, gentle, fun, and cute you really are. You should be able to see your photos and remember how you felt, not just how you looked.